Most communities contain numerous groups and hubs of one form or another – the elected councillors, town and parish councils, faith centres, schools, young people’s groups, interest groups, support groups, lunch clubs, allotment societies, libraries and countless others.  In order to produce effective Community Response Plans that can call upon and best deploy the skills and resources locally available, we encourage active collaboration by all of these groups.

LLR Prepared is developing a programme to engage widely with individuals and groups interested in community resilience. A key objective will be to bring groups together in order to facilitate collaborative working. If you would like to be represented in this, please Contact us.

Alternatively you might wish to get in touch with others directly – some useful links are provided below.

Leicester Council of Faiths

Neighbourhood Watch Leicestershire

Rural Community Council (Leicestershire and Rutland)

The WI – Leicestershire and Rutland Federation

Good Neighbour Schemes

Hinckley and Bosworth County Council

Leicestershire Communities