Risks in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

This section tells you more about risks and also what you can do to lessen their impact.  Understanding the risks we may face is necessary to help you get prepared in case they occur.

The National Risk Register

To help you understand the risks faced by the communities of the United Kingdom (UK), the Government has published a National Risk Register that sets out an assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of a range of different risks that may directly affect the UK.

The Community Risk Register

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Prepared is required to regularly review the national risks in relation to our own locality and create and publish a Community Risk Register.  Community risk registers differ from area to area so, for instance, coastal flooding will feature as a high priority on the East Coast whereas it is not a concern here in the East Midlands. The Community Risk Register forms the basis for our local preventative and emergency planning work.

Our risk assessment process is undertaken by using national guidance from the National Risk Register, as well as specialist guidance provided by the Government. When we assess the hazards, we look at reasonable worst-case scenarios, so a hazard might still occur, but not necessarily on the scale that we have anticipated and planned for. This means that our plans will still be applicable for events of a smaller scale, which may be more likely to occur.

By making yourself aware of the risks that might occur where you live, you too can take proportionate actions to ensure your homes, businesses and communities are better protected and prepared.

Sites subject to specific risk planning in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

East Midlands Airport (EMA) is located in Northwest Leicestershire. It is an international airport serving the whole East Midlands region of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Rutland and Derbyshire. EMA ensures that emergency plans are put in place to minimise the impact that an emergency might have on the operation of the Airport and ultimately the business itself.

There are also 3 Upper Tier COMAH sites located in LLR. Namely, Calor Gas in Stoney Stanton, Stamford Storage in Essendine, and Brenntag in Lutterworth. More details on the planning arrangements and what you can do can be found on the Industrial Incidents page.

We have multiple Pipelines that pass-through Leicestershire. Pipelines are considered a safe mode of transportation for conveying hazardous substances and are often safer than alternative methods, for example, by road and rail. However, there are occasions when pipeline failure results in loss of containment or accidental release of the pipeline contents. Emergency plans are required to provide an additional safeguard so that, in the unlikely event of an emergency involving a major accident hazard pipeline, protection could be provided to members of the public whose health and safety might be affected. LLR Prepared has put in place multi-agency emergency response plans for fixed sites, pipelines and hazardous transport. These ensure that we can respond quickly and effectively when needed.