Risks in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

This section tells you more about risks and also what you can do to mitigate their impact.  Understanding the risks we may potentially face is necessary to being prepared in case they occur.

National Risk Register The Government has published a National Risk Register which sets out an assessment of the likelihood and potential impact of a range of different risks that may directly affect the UK.

Community Risk Register LLR Prepared is required to regularly review the national risks in relation to our own locality and create a Community Risk Register.  Community risk registers differ from area to area so, for instance, coastal flooding will feature as a high priority on the East Coast whereas it is not a concern here in the East Midlands. The Community Risk Register forms the basis for our local preventative and emergency planning work.

By making yourself aware of the risks that might occur where you live, you too can take proportionate actions to ensure your homes, businesses and communities are better protected and prepared.

Risk Assessments

You might be surprised by the risks that appear in the register. They are arrived at on the basis of a risk assessment process that takes many factors into account, in particular:

  • Impact (based on health, social, economic and environmental factors)
  • Likelihood (chance occurring in 5 years based on actuarial evidence)

The Risk assigned to a hazard (accidental or naturally occurring incident) or threat (intentional and/or malicious action) is a combined measure of impact and likelihood.  You can find out more about this process in the Risk Registers.

Current incidents

Avian influenza (bird flu)