Accessibility Statement

We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible for all our website visitors. We recognise that we have a huge range of customers with different needs, and aim to make sure that nothing stands in the way of everyone receiving the same good service.

Visual (impaired)

All of the textual content in the website is size-scalable, so the text size will change to to match your browser settings.

Internet Explorer users can increase the text size by selecting “View > Text Size > Largest” or “Settings > Zoom > Zoom In” from the browser toolbar.

Mozilla Firefox users can increase the text size by selecting “View > Zoom > Zoom In” from the browser toolbar.


There is no content on this site that cannot be accessed by deaf or hard of hearing people. To put this into context:

  • if we were to include audio clips we would also provide a text version of the soundtrack
  • if we were to include movie clips or other streaming media we would also provide time-indexed subtitles


This site may be fully accessed using any voice-controlled computer and web brower.


For those that have difficulty using a mouse, keyboard access is supported by using standard shortcut techniques. This site can be fully navigated without the use of a mouse.


The layout of this site is uniform on all pages. The main (horizontal) menu is structured identically on all pages (i.e. any main page can be accessed from anywhere in the site). Additionally, section or page navigation is always included in the panel of the top of each page.


There are no animated images or flashing text on this site which could cause difficulty for people who have particular neurological disorders.


If you ask us, we can provide information in another format such as large print, braille or alternative language or audio version. Please contact us, with your details explaining the type of help you need.