In Case of Emergency

Go In Stay In Tune In In an emergency, unless directed otherwise, the advice is to go inside, stay inside and tune into your local radio station for further advice and updates. Remember to make sure you have a radio that is able to work without an electricity supply (battery operated or wind-up) in case of power cuts. Local Station Frequencies

BBC Radio Leicester 104.9 FM
BBC Asian Network 837 AM
Gem 106
Harborough FM 102.3 FM
Capital FM 105.4 FM
Sabras Radio 1260 AM
107 OAK FM 107.0 FM & 107.9 FM
Takeover Radio 103.2 FM
Rutland Radio 107.2 FM
103 The Eye 103.0FM
Eava FM 102.5 FM
Kohinoor FM 97.3 FM
Amber Sound FM 107.2 FM