Please Leave Quickly

Scenario: This scenario is based on actual events which took place in Leicester in December 2015. 140 people were evacuated from their homes in the early hours of the morning because of a factory fire in an adjacent street.  They were directed to a local faith centre where an Emergency Centre had been set up to provide shelter and refreshments.  Some residents were unable to return home for a number of days whilst tests were carried out to determine whether any structural damage had been sustained to their properties.

Imagine that Police have knocked on your door at 04:15.  They have instructed you to leave within ten minutes and proceed to a nearby Emergency Centre.  What will you take with you?

Suggested duration: 45 mins +

Suggested format: Split into small groups of 3-5 people
Provide each group with an envelope containing the 30 listed items
Feedback – general discussion inviting groups in turn to identify an item from their “top 10”.


Supporting Materials

Part 1

In each small group, pick the ten items they would choose to take in a grab bag when being evacuated from home at short notice.

Supporting Materials

Part 2

Feed back and whole group discussion

Part 3

Topics for general discussion:

  • How would the decisions have differed if told they would be unlikely to be able to return home for some days or longer?
  • What examples are the group aware of (personally of from news stories) when people were evacuated from home? What types of incidents caused this?

Supporting Materials