Flooding is a priority risk in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland highlighting the need to plan and prepare.

There are two types of flooding risk to be aware of.  People commonly associate flooding with rising water and burst rivers (called fluvial flooding) but flooding incidents are increasingly the result of pluvial flooding which is the surface water caused by the sudden heavy downpours that are now more prevalent in our changing climate.

Indeed, you may be surprised to learn that Leicester City is currently one of the top 10 flood risk areas in the country, due to the combination of fluvial and pluvial flood risk.

What you can do

There is much that can be done to protect against flooding, also advice for those who have been affected.

Check flood risk to your property

Sign up for flood warnings

Prepare for a flood and get help during and after

Learn about flood products and services that can help reduce the risk of flooding to your home or business. Visit the Blue Pages for further information.

Make a personal flood plan

Report road flooding

Find out more about becoming a Community Flood Warden

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