LLR Prepared Week Webinars

Please use the links here to access the presentations and the Q&A webinar recordings.  If you have any other questions in relation to these topics, please send them by email to llrprepared@leics.gov.uk.

Topic Presentation Q&A
Preparing your family for emergencies https://youtu.be/bp88XaAB3hQ https://youtu.be/y3B64tgeijw
Being a Community Flood Warden – what’s involved https://youtu.be/WHr8vTRt1i8 https://youtu.be/wLskMO-Gap0
Community Response Plans – tips and ideas for getting started https://youtu.be/IZgVt7MGixE https://youtu.be/nZ-K58Oh0M0
Protecting your Business against Cyber Crime https://youtu.be/kdF28F_9k_k https://youtu.be/ILbR3Byrjew
Getting ready for winter https://youtu.be/UUktz5OGKK4 https://youtu.be/yPk0Y7AKz9w