Scenario: This scenario is based on actual events which took place in Leicestershire in June 2016 when a man climbed onto one of the M1 motorway information board gantries. He remained there for more than 24 hours whilst Police tried to coax him down, during which time the southbound carriageway was closed off. The diversions that were put in place created widespread traffic chaos throughout surrounding road networks.

Imagine that you are travelling to an event in a neighbouring City and have given a lift to a neighbour and her 3 year old child. On the motorway you meet a long queue of stationary traffic – the message boards read “Incident ahead – long delays”. The fuel warning light came on a couple of miles ago. It’s also a very hot day. One hour later, the queue still hasn’t moved!

Suggested duration: 30 mins

Suggested format: Whole group discussion


Supporting Materials

Part 1

What actions would you take with regards to the following:

  • Information
  • Contacts
  • Car
  • Personal comfort

Identify those items you would hope to be carrying which would make this situation easier to cope with:

  • Stored in the car
  • Packed for the journey

Supporting Materials

Part 2

What additional measures would you consider important for a cold weather scenario with snow?