LLR Prepared Partners


The Civil Contingencies Act divides responding organisations into two categories. The members of LLR Prepared are categorised as follows:

Category 1 Responders

Those organisations at the core of the response to most emergencies (e.g. Emergency Services, Local Authorities, NHS bodies and the Environment Agency). Category 1 Responders are subject to the full set of civil protection duties.

Category 2 responders

The “co-operating bodies” that are less likely to be involved in the core planning work but may be heavily involved in incidents.

  • East Midlands Airport
    Bespoke plans for site specific incidents at East Midlands Airport and its immediate vicinity
  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
    Monitoring safety of hazardous processes and infrastructure
  • Transport – Highways Agency, Network Rail, bus companies, train operating companies
    Implementing diversions, assisting with evacuations, restoring transport networks
  • Utilities – gas, electricity, water, sewerage, public communication providers
    Providing emergency supplies, making supplies safe, restoring supply infrastructure

Other key partners

  • Met Office
    Advice regarding prevailing and forecast weather conditions
  • Animal and Plant Health Agency
    Lead on incidents of notifiable animal disease
  • Military
    Military aid may be sought to support the civil authorities when they have an urgent and specialised need for assistance to deal with a Major Incident

Voluntary sector partners

  • British Red Cross
    Assistance to the Emergency Services in a number of bespoke roles, providing emergency centre volunteers.
  • Salvation Army
    Providing emergency centre volunteers, catering, counselling.
  • Leicestershire Search and Rescue
    Providing specialist resources to assist in the search and rescue of vulnerable and missing people.
  • Samaritans
    Emotional support.
    Rescue and care of animals.
  • 4×4
    Assistance when conditions are fit only for 4-wheel driving, often in times of flooding and snow, to rescue trapped people, transport district nurses, deliver meals, etc.
  • Raynet
    The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network, provided by licensed radio amateurs, to provide backup communications or work alongside officers who may not have direct communications themselves.
  • Voluntary Action LeicesterShire
    Support to individuals and organisations through the creation of volunteering opportunities in Leicester and Leicestershire.
  • Voluntary Action Rutland
    Support to individuals and organisations through the creation of volunteering opportunities in Rutland.