Emergency Centres

If you are evacuated by the Emergency Services, or otherwise involved in a major incident, you might be sent to an emergency centre.  This will be a building that has been opened by the local authority to accommodate those who have been evacuated, survivors of a disaster or their families and friends. They are created for short term and specific purposes as described below.

Types of emergency centres

Depending on the nature of the incident that has occurred one or more of these facilities might be set up to support those who have been affected:

  • Rest centre – a place providing temporary accommodation for evacuees. People will remain at the centre for a limited period of time before more suitable accommodation can be found or they can return to their own homes
  • Reception point for evacuees – a halfway house designed to receive evacuees before they are taken to a more suitable emergency centre facility
  • Survivor reception centre – a secure place for all uninjured survivors of a disaster, providing shelter and first aid whilst interviews, evidence gathering and documentation are completed
  • Friends and relatives reception centre – a secure place set aside for use and interview of friends and relatives arriving at the scene

What will happen when you arrive?

  • You will logged in by a volunteer
  • You will receive regular updates on the ongoing emergency
  • You might be interviewed about the incident
  • You will  have the opportunity to advise staff of any special requirements you might have so that special arrangements can be made for you if required

If you have any questions / issues when you are at the emergency centre, there will be an information desk where you will be able to discuss your needs.