Household Emergency Plan template

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  • This document is intended to be used in conjunction with the Household Emergency Plan Toolkit which provides step by step guidance and examples.

    Please Note: You need to collect and prepare your information in advance as the electronic template has to be completed in one sitting and cannot be retrieved via the website once saved.

    If you would like to print out a hard copy of this template please download our Microsoft Word version

    This template will help you prepare for emergencies and a range of situations including evacuation and loss of services to your home. By completing this plan you will:

    • Identify meeting points where household members can meet
    • Identify family or friends who could put you up at short notice
    • List the procedures for switching off utilities
    • Review your storage arrangements for critical documents and records
    • Think about backup measures for lighting, heating, cooking etc
    • Create a directory of emergency contacts

    This is the Household Emergency Plan for:

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  • Copies of this plan will be stored in the following locations: