Community Response Plan template

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  • This document is intended to be used in conjunction with the Community Response Plan Toolkit which provides step by step guidance and examples.

    Please Note: You need to collect and prepare your information in advance as the electronic template has to be completed in one sitting and cannot be retrieved via the website once saved.

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    Developing a Community Response Plan will enable your community to come together, to think about what it can do to prepare for emergencies and how it could assist the Emergency Services should an emergency occur. By completing this plan you will:

    • Identify core members of the Community Response Team
    • Undertake a local risk assessment
    • Identify local skills and resources
    • Identify key locations that can be used as places of safety
    • Identify triggers for activating the Community Response Plan
    • Develop a simple set of instructions covering the first steps for plan activation
    • Create an Emergency Kit
    • Record emergency contact details
    • Agree how the plan will be kept up to date
  • Plan version details

  • Plan distribution list

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